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The digital-first world is here.

It’s time for your organization to adapt to better engage your audience and build a stronger identity online. Join Covalent’s growing network and work with a talented fellow who will support your digital marketing and fundraising needs.




Covalent Fundraising Campaign
We help nonprofits run fundraising campaigns that integrate storytelling, digital marketing and crowdfunding to scale impact

Email Marketing

Covalent Email Campaign
We design and send targeted emails to your business’s key stakeholders and import and segment existing stakeholder lists to improve email organization

Brand Strategy

Covalent Brand strategy
We audit your existing brand and help you reposition your visual and messaging identity to align with your goals

Social Media Marketing

Covalent Social Media Marketing
We audit competitor business social accounts, create content and track engagement for your existing and new social media platforms

"As a result of my fellow and mentor's support, my social media visibility went from non-existent to visible in a short period of time. I witnessed, firsthand, the benefits of social media to grow aspects of my business. I'm more confident that I will be able to sustain and excel on the social media plan that they designed for Learning Dimensions."

Monica Swope, Founder of Learning Dimensions
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